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Unshaped Service

This service has no prioritization. Unshaped is a faster connection with no limitations with a Cyber South high speed Internet connection. Terms of service does apply under the fair user policy

Concurrent Connections

This allows you to use multiple devices to connect to one service or access point (AP)
To get started, you'll need the following
Wi-Fi Router Antenna
Wi-Fi AP/Network Switch
Internet Access Account

Wi-Fi is mostly known by users as a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) connection, connecting their Notebook computer, tablets, smart phones or desktop computer via a wireless interface to a Wi-Fi router or Access Point (AP) within their offices or home.

Cyber South has taken this a step further with innovative long distance Wi-Fi communications connecting your offices across the street or across town to the main office server and the Internet connection point. Connecting home users to the World Wide Web where other tipes of connections fail.

More innovative value added services will be available from your Wi-Fi network

  • WLAN Networking
  • Hot spots
  • Video conferencing
  • Security CCTV monitoring
  • Static IP Address
  • VPN
  • RDP
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